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The Wine Items was founded in june 2016 with a very simple vision:

  • To become the best reviewer of wine related products
  • To provide better understanding and guidance of what products to use and how to use
  • To provide the most needed and relevant suggestions for the consumers to choose the right product

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Our Hot Topic’s

Are you still using a normal refrigerator to store your wine?  Refrigerators cannot equal the temperature or performance that a wine cooler can provide.

Wine openers are the key to your sacred wine tasting. Every generation had their coolest wine openers. Check out our best opener collection for this generation.

Transparent glasses with a crystal look has never failed to attract people. Don't be a bottle sipper. Get amazed with the coolest Wine Glass collections ever.

The aerating the wine give you more taste by adding some additional oxygen to the drink. Each shape of it will provide you with a different experience and interest. 

Stopper comes first when you want to save some wine for later. When you have already reached your limit, never have a second thought of closing it.

Wine Racks are a  part of your home decor. Give your wine bottles their best place to fit in. If you are a Wine Lover, never hesitate to showcase your collections.


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