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About us

Welcome to thewineitems.com

Welcome to Wine Refrigerator Reviews

At thewineitems, we look at all the latest wine coolers, wines, wine openers and give fair reviews based on anything we think might be relevant to the model we study. We often look at the price of the wine refrigerator wines, wine openers, the specs of the model (such as capacity), quality of build and then other things that might be unique to that particular type such as how loud the refrigeration unit is. By going through all of these attributes we are in a position where we can give a fair review and recommendation to you. We then look for sites on the internet that stock the wine refrigerator we have considered for the best price we can find and link you to it.

About thewineitems.com

You might have seen large wine refrigerators in various restaurants and looked enviously on thinking spitefully of your bucket that you fill with ice when you have guests over. Well be envious no longer – wine refrigerator reviews have made the transition from restaurant to home (of course, they are still in just about every restaurant!). They have now become much more affordable regarding both the initial buying price and cost of running. We consider this an excellent thing when creating our wine refrigerator reviews.

They are perfect for either wine lovers or anyone thinking of throwing a party with a few guests. Not only will a wine cooler look impressive it also has functionality! A good wine cooler can store your wines to whatever temperature you desire, and will even have different sections at different temperatures depending on what kind of wines you are storing or chilling. So it might have a compartment with white wines, a shelf compartment below it with reds that is at a warmer temperature, and a bottom compartment for champagnes at the coldest setting. No matter what your guest asks for you will have it chilled and ready for them.