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We already discussed more about best wine coolers and different types of wine coolers in the previous post. so, we don't want to waste your time let get into the topic of best dual zone wine cooler

Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Wine Cooler Most of us simply invest in the best when we buy an appliance of any kind. The price range is often a little on the higher side, but we are assured of premium quality, service, and durability. This is something that is worth considering.

The Edgestar 34 bottle free standing compressor-based wine cooler (CWF340DZ) can store a modest capacity of 34 standard sized wine bottles. It has two distinct temperature zones which maintain the red, white and sparkling wines at the requisite temperatures.

The main advantage of the Edgestar CWF340DZ is that it is a compressor based unit. Therefore it can be used even in regions of high ambient temperature.


Design: This cooler looks sleek and smart. The black door has a stainless steel trimming on the sides which blends the other appliances beautifully in the vicinity. The sliding wire wine racks have a wooden trimming along the edges. The LED light enhances the presentation of the wine bottles.

Temperature range: The dual temperature zones are ideal for chilling whites and reds at the requisite temperatures. This is the most crucial point to keep in mind as the taste and flavor of the wine is directly related to the temperature at which it is maintained. This model is best suited for those who wish to store and preserve an extensive collection of both red and white wines for a longer period. The temperature range on the top zone is between 41 – 54°F and the lower zone temperature ranges between 54 – 64°F.

Even cooling: The EdgeStar wine cooler has sturdy circulation fans which work with the compressor to ensure even cooling and distribution of cold air at all times.

Built-in lock: The inbuilt locking system ensures that the wine collection is well protected from curious young children.

Reversible door: Depending on your location, the hinge of the door can be reversed giving you the freedom of opening it from the left or the right-hand side.

Control panel: The touch-based control panel has a blue LED temperature display which allows the user to decide on the heat settings and monitor the temperatures of a particular zone.Some Image of Edgestar 34 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

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Final Thoughts

People who are particular about thermoelectric wine coolers may not prefer this model.Being compressor based, this model needs to be placed indoors in an area where there are no temperature fluctuations.Some people were of the opinion that being a compressor based model, it is noisy. But others felt that it was not too noisy.Some users observed that the lock was not sophisticated enough to prevent adults or curious teenagers from getting access to the wines.

All you need to consider is that this model performs well even when the surrounding temperature reaches well over 75°. Thermoelectric coolers have not proved to be as useful in warmer areas.

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Overall Views

Most of the people who bought this cooler would have recommended it to others because of it’s high rating which made everyone feel that the price is worth the product quality.

In short, this cooler is an ideal and highly recommended product for people who believe in making no compromises on quality at all and have an extensive collection of an assortment of wines.

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Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar

Haier-12-Bottle-Dual-Zone-Thermoelectric-Wine-Cooler.The Haier 12 Bottle dual zone thermoelectric wine cooler (HVTM12DABB) is a steal for those people who have just started collecting and storing an assortment of wines. It is a must have for these occasional sippers of wine J because it is a small zone wine cooler which not only looks elegant but is also pocket-friendly.

This compact, freestanding, dual zone, thermoelectric wine cooler is perfect for storing and serving a small collection of both red and white wines at the right temperature.

Most users who bought this model are highly impressed and satisfied with it because they can store both whites and reds properly in a model that looks attractive. It is budget friendly, space friendly (compact) and serves its purpose very well. Most users have appreciated the better quality of lighting in this model. Several users are satisfied with the quieter cooling system of this thermoelectric wine cooler.

Users do have to ensure that it requires free circulation of air on all sides so it should not be placed in a corner or against a wall. This is the case with all thermoelectric coolers, and most users are aware of this. Some users were unhappy that it could not house 12 nonstandard sized wine bottles ,but this applies to any wine cooler because the capacity that is mentioned is for standard 750 ml bottles only.

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It is the hottest selling wine cooler in the market currently, simply because it is affordable, excellent value for money and gives the users everything that they are looking for in a single compact, beautiful unit. No wonder how the reviews and ratings are so good. In short a highly recommended product for occasional wine drinkers or people with a small collection of both reds and whites that does call for a celebration! Cheers! 🙂 !

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