Top 3 Best Small Wine Coolers in 2018 :- Buying Guide

Small Wine Coolers are very much suitable for small family. For purchasing the  best wine cooler, you have to read many wine cooler reviews. If you want to store as well as cool around six bottles associated with wine simultaneously, then the 6-bottle wine cooler is a perfect option.

Most of those units make use of thermoelectric air conditioning technology. This brand new technique is better applied within small home

Best small wine coolers in 2018

​1. NewAir AW-181E 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

New Air 18 bottle (AW – 181 E) thermoelectric wine cooler

For those who have very definite wine preferences and indulge in a little bit of entertainment at home or just want to unwind with your favorite wine every evening, the New Air 18 bottle (AW – 18E) thermoelectric best wine cooler model will match all your needs.


Design: It has an all black design with a stainless steel trim around the edges and this Elite model adds a classic touch to any décor. The five premium chrome plated shelves of this newair wine cooler designed to cradle 18 bottles of our wine collection perfectly and slide out smoothly giving us easy access to our collection.

The double paned glass door allows us to view our collection quickly and also serve to insulate the bottles apart from protecting them from ultraviolet radiation. Being a compact and freestanding model, it can easily be placed in any location;

Temperature range: The digital temperature panel is easy to use and accurately maintains the appropriate temperature that we have selected at all times. It operates within a temperature range of 54°F – 66°F which is ideal for cooling most red or white wines.

Thermoelectric cooling system: Being a thermoelectric cooler, we need to ensure that there is free circulation of air all around the cooler by placing it in a well-ventilated area. It works quietly and produces minimal vibrations which help preserve the aroma and the flavor of our wine bottles. Thermoelectric wine coolers are eco-friendly too, and we can rest assured that we are not contributing adversely to our environment;

Lighting: It is fitted with a soft LED light which radiates a blue glow and lends a subtle touch to our wine bottles without raising the internal temperature in any way.

Bonus Point Only turning a couple of wine racks over will easily accommodate other bigger sized bottles within the unit.

Overview: Over 75% of the users have given it a five-star rating and had no complaints regarding this premium wine cooler model.


Most users were impressed with the accuracy of the temperature which was maintained. Wine lovers appreciated this feature because the flavor, aroma, body and acidity of the wine depended on the served temperature.

Some users who had a distinct preference for dessert wines and late harvest wines were unhappy with the lowest temperature setting of this model. The temperature range is explicitly mentioned in the features, so buyers need to ensure that the temperature ranges are appropriate for the wines they plan to store. A few users seemed to have found it noisy, but the percentage of these users was small.

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The Haier 8-Bottle (HVTEC08ABS) Wine Cellar

The Haier 8-Bottle (HVTEC08ABS) Wine Cellar is ideal for wine beginners who just want to chill and store their red or white wines at the appropriate temperatures. Some users found it to be of great use for the guest room!

The reason behind the success of this wine cooler model is that it provides excellent quality for an equally high price which is very convenient for most users.


Design: This model has a beautiful jet black body with curved double tinted glass door through which we can quickly view our mini wine collection. The main attraction of this model is the compact size which gives us the flexibility of placing it on the floor or the counter or even behind the bar for additional storage. The four full-sized chrome racks provide ample storage space for the wine bottles;

Temperature range: The temperature range permits us to store either white wines or red wines at the appropriate temperature. It has an automatic defrost system which is ideal for preserving our wines at the right temperature;

Control panel: The digital touch screen temperature control panel allows us to adjust the thermostat to select the right temperature for cooling different wines.

Vibration free: Being a thermoelectric model we are assured that our small collection is not disturbed by vibrations or noise. This preserves the body, texture, aroma and acidity of our wines.

Light: Like most other models it is illuminated with a soft blue internal light which adds a subtle tone of elegance to the ambience of the room.

Almost all the users were happy with the small size and the price of this little cooler. This model also garnered excellent reviews for low electricity consumption. Some users even opted to use the upper racks to cool their red wines and the lower part for cooling white wines and expressed their satisfaction by giving great reviews for the product.

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This model sells top notch quality, and over 85 % of the users have given it a 4 or 5-star rating. Size, affordability, class seems like this model is an all round winner which appeals to everyone!

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The Danby 17-Bottle (DWC172BL) Counter-Top Wine Cooler is one if the Best Wine Cooler on Amazon. It is a model worth considering for those who have started collecting wines. It is a better option compared to the mini eight bottle models which most wine lovers soon outgrow!

Yes, once we develop a liking towards wine and have clearly identified our preferences, we are bound to expand our collection, and this model is ideal for people who have reached this stage.



The best aspect of this model’s design is its compact size. It can easily be placed on top of our kitchen counter or in our bar or office. The spacious interiors can comfortably chill up to 17 bottles of wine at a time;

It has a moulded worktop with a provision for keeping wine accessories. The pitch black cabinet gives it an enchanting look apart from adding a touch of elegance to any room. The reversible door can be opened either to the left or the right side depending on the location.

This model has two vinyl coated wire racks along with one staggered shelf which comfortably holds 17 bottles of wine at a time. The tempered glass door is shatter proof. It gives it an attractive look and is ideal for displaying our wine collection;

The soft blue interior light illuminates our wine collection and has an on and off button.

Temperature range: This model has a temperature range of 43°F – 57°F. We can set it at the appropriate temperature to store our white or red wines. 

Compressor based operation: This Danby wine cooler model works on a compressor which makes it more durable than the thermoelectric wine coolers. Such models have a significant advantage because they work well under all weather conditions. Regardless of the surrounding temperatures, we can always rest assured that our wines will be preserved at the requisite temperatures and without making any noise about it too!

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small wine cooler review
  • NewAir AW-181E 18 Bottle
  • Haier 8 Bottle (HVTEC08ABS)
  • Danby 17-Bottle Counter-Top Wine Cooler
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