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Best Wine Openers Under $20 :– Our 2018 Top 4 Picks

Best Wine Openers Under $20 :– Our 2018 Top 4 Picks

The internet is an excellent place to buy best wine opener. Here is a simple guide to buying four main kinds of wine openers.There are millions of  wine openers, and different types of it like Waiter's Corkscrew, Lever Style Corkscrews, Electric Wine Corkscrews and Twist Corkscrews are available online. 

Before getting into learning about wine openers, one must know why is it used. The wine packaging is a bit different from other bottled drinks.

It uses more traditional and unbeatable bottle stopper. The usage of wine opener which started many centuries ago still continues. Corks are proved to be the best wine bottle packers. The bark of cork oaks is used to make these. Wine tempts you and the cork stopping it doesn’t sound right.

Regardless of what kind of wine you're opening, the first thing you're going to have to do is remove the seal or wrapper that is across the cork of the bottle. Plastics or Aluminium may cost much of energy to make, but cork beats them both, and in meanwhile it has stood up about sustainability and environmental impact.

Choosing the wine opener is equally important to choosing the best wine for you. When it comes to corkscrew with the natural pull of the lever in one direction, you can twist the corkscrew in and pull the cork out of the bottle.

Should you be looking for a simpler strategy to open wine bottles, you ought to consider investing in an excellent quality electric wine opener. But it costs little high than the mechanical wine openers.

If you like the sound of opening the wine bottle, you might desire to get habitual to the wine bottle opener so that you can learn how to do it right each time. There are just a few easy steps which you have to remember in regards to purchasing a wine bottle opener.

List Of Best Wine Openers 2018





Editor's rating



hicoup waiters wine opener

Waiter's Corkscrew by HiCoup


buy Waiters Corkscrew at amazon


rabbit Lever wine opener

Rabbit Original Lever Corkscrew


buy Lever Corkscrew at amazon


oxgord electric wine opener

OxGord Electric Wine Opener


buy OxGord Electric Wine Opener at amazon


Wing Corkscrew

Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup


buy Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener at amazon

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Wine Opener

I could sense your deep interest in learning about the wine openers, but I would suggest you not to hurry because it is not just a plastic bottle that you are going to deal. It is purely a glass, and if you make any mistake in choosing the wrong opener, you may end up with something that will disappoint you.

It is not just like a soda bottle opener that you can feel free in choosing any opener you want. Not everyone who deals with the wine bottle is professional. Hence choose wisely based on the following factors that you need to consider while purchasing wine opener.

Easy to Use

This factor should be your priority while selecting wine opener because many don't like to spend a lot of time figuring out how to operate a piece of complicated gadget. If you think it’s not worth your time, then it is time to think wisely.

Check quality

The next step you should consider while buying the wine openers is to test the quality of the wine opener. For your kind information, we aren't making any testing factory here to check all the materials that were used to manufacture the openers. Choosing the right product lets you decide about the quality.

The traditional wine opener is the corkscrew which helps you to draw the cork from the wine bottles. It had a single spiral metal studded in a piece of wood. But this is not the thing which we wish to express here.

You should never put on much pressure to the bottles and the person who opens it should not feel any difficulty in doing it. Suppose he slips off it may be hard to get back what you required at that moment. Manufacturers use wood and metals for manufacturing these openers.

So never forget to check the quality of the opener before you buy.

Wine opener type

Decide what kind of wine opener you need for your daily use. Each wine opener needs some talent to remove the cork from the wine bottle. The Waiter's Corkscrew requires some power and experience to eliminate the cork from the wine bottle.

If you are a newbie in using the wine opener, and you do not know how to use Waiter's Corkscrew, we suggest you buy electric wine openers. If you are going to gift any wine opener, choose it as per the interest of that person, and that will make them happy.

Won’t Break Corks/Good Leverage

A good model should have a real advantage that will get the cork out smoothly without broken bits or dropped cork in the wine.

The wine opener should never break corks unless it were an old or decayed cork in a bottle of improperly stored wine. Signs of good design include a coated worm for smooth insertion into the cork, and as a little brute force as possible needed to lever the cork out.


Got to last long enough for money’s worth, don’t you think? Generally speaking, manual wine openers are more durable than electric ones. The fewer gears it has, the less chance of broken parts and of course, metal ones are more durable than plastic ones.

But a metal rabbit (more gears and parts) might be less durable than a plastic Screwpull wine opener (simple parts, no pulling force needed for use).

Compact/Portable/Small Footprint

If you have little space left in your kitchen drawer (hopefully not because it’s full of idle wine openers), maybe you’d want to consider a smaller wine opener.

Don’t try to find one wine opener that has all these; it’s next to impossible. Pick your priorities, and if the wine opener has more good points than you needed, you’ve got a gem.


Verify whether the wine opener has some warranty or not. Sometimes some sellers will not provide any warranty for their product. Choosing a product without any warranty is a waste of money.

Types of wine openers 

  • Waiter's Corkscrew
  • Lever Style Corkscrews
  • Electric wine openers
  • Winged Corkscrew

We shortlisted major openers for you. All the four types of wine openers are useful in their features. Select your wine opener as per your need. We analyzed and tested all the below wine openers and achieved our list. We checked build quality, sellers reputation, warranty, etc. Let’s continue to the list

#1 Waiter's Corkscrew

Waiter's Corkscrew

The waiter's corkscrew is pretty old type wine bottle openers and the all around the words. Hence the name of this wine opener becomes waiter’s corkscrew. This corkscrew is one of the most preferred in the wine or beverage industry. The main reason is that its ease of use. This opener can easy fit into the pocket of a waiter.

This type of wine openers is a no.1 choice by most of the waiter's and wine enthusiast all around the world. This opener frequently has all tools that are required to open the wine bottle properly.

#2 Lever Style Corkscrews

Lever Style Corkscrews

The lever style corkscrew or rabbit corkscrews are another most favorite wine opener types in the world. This kind of wine opener is quite easy to pull the cork from wine bottle compared to waiter's corkscrew.

This sort of rabbit style wine opener has two handles that wrap around the neck of the wine bottle and with the simple pull and push step one can easily remove the corkscrew from the wine bottle.

#3 Electric wine openers

electric wine openers

Such an exciting product with the technology involved brings forth to you the 3rd wine opener. The primary job that technology has to do is to reduce human work, and that’s what this product does. Automation is involved in this tool.

This automation helps to remove the corkscrew and the foil when attached. This electric opener is such a cool product that comes with stylish design.​

#4 Winged Corkscrew

Winged corkscrew

This winged corkscrew is one of the easy cork removal tools with a winged spiral corkscrew. This opener is used well at home and restaurant, and it is made up of high-quality material.

Being readily available, this is one of the coolest openers which has an excellent portability after waiter’s corkscrew. The wings hold up the bottleneck while the spiral Turner does its job.

In-Depth Reviews of 4 Best Wine Opener 2018

1. ​Waiter's Corkscrew by HiCoup Wine Opener

The waiter's corkscrew holds the first position in our wine openers list.

No doubt, it stands as the first choice when it comes to wine openers. This corkscrew is the most budget friendly and highly used cork dependent wine openers. 

This opener is 3 in 1 multi functional product. Its premium quality gives you confidence in using it in a carefree way.

Waiter's Corkscrew by HiCoup Wine Opener

This stylish bottle opener comes with the body of real quality steel and best suited wooden handle.

It comes with full range of styles that looks classy in appearance. The tool weighs perfectly in your hand that makes you feel the real craftsmanship. The dual fulcrum takes advantage when it comes into action. This wine opener gives you an excellent grip so that no slip happens while pulling out the cork.

The quality of this product reaches out your expectation which is good at such a reasonable price. The serrated blade that comes out at the edge of the wooden holder is a great supporting tool.

This foil cutter is a cool feature that cuts away even a thicker one. This opener tends to cut any thick foil or plastic and reduces the risk of slippage.

About Seller

The HiCoup waiter’s corkscrew is elegantly crafted for easy carrying. The main thing to be noticed when choosing the seller is the quality of the product and how users rate it. As far as this product is considered HiCoup is one of the best sellers that most people prefer.

This seller has got splendid user reviews and ratings, especially for this product. Try gifting it for any wine lovers or waiter's.

They would seriously love it and this brand especially. This gear not only suits your old type packed wine bottles but also the freshly bottled beer. This tool is considered to be the most recognized among waiter's and hence named so. To get the best feel about this gear chooses the right seller.

As far as we researched, it made us very clear about this HiCoup premium waiter’s corkscrew, and you’ll thank us for letting you choose this product.

Product Features

This gear weighs about 3.2 ounces. Hence it is easy to handle. The weight may be less, but the durability is unimaginable. It is made up of 420 stainless steel body with comfort grip wooden handle.

The handle will get you feel right about quality and Royal because it is made up of rosewood which. You can prevent the cork from crumbling risk by using this tool. This opener is a 3 in 1 product as mentioned earlier that the features of a wine corkscrew, foil cutter, and a bottle opener.

This waiter's corkscrew reduces the need to buy three different products. Hence in all the way this product is a cool one. Never hesitate on choosing this product as this is the most top rated and quickly handed product. The choice is yours.


  • Multifunctional
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Rosewood handle
  • Stainless steel body
  • Double hinged corkscrew
  • FREE lifetime warranty
buy at amazon

This stylish corkscrew can uncork any size of the wine bottle with a single pull. This wine opener is considered to be the fast in opening the bottle.

This corkscrew works correctly in a cool way giving a perfect metallic look that takes over any professional appearance. The gears are made up of hardened metal giving enough strength for the product.

Rabbit Original Lever Corkscrew

This opener has a foil cutter and extra spiral for added convenience. The testing result produced by the corkscrew for pulling over 20,000 corks was successful, and this stands as the remarkable achievement of this product.

About seller

Metrokane offers this one of the Top wine openers that would help you enjoy your drink. This corkscrew comes with a fresh and intelligent design for which the users dwell upon. This tool crafted of hardened polycarbonate which marks the brand’s name on the top list.

This opener seems to provide excellent user experience and from all research that we made this product of Metrokane holds the second position by a large dealer as well as user support.

Product Description

When the supporting category becomes the most favorite for all that makes this product much more interesting for one to use. Yes, the favorite one that stands out in this opener is its foil cutter. The foil cutter fits comfortably on top of the bottle. You don’t need much effort to pull out the magical stopper, but all you need is a firm hand that could help you make the task easy.

The general problem that every user's face is that the removal of cork again from the corkscrew. They feel hard to remove especially when the screw enters deep. Overall not a perfect product but one of the best that you could afford.


  • Uncorks any size of cork
  • Constructed of hard polycarbonate metal and nylon
  • Includes foil cutter
  • Extra worm available
  • Comes in different colors
buy at amazon
oxgord electric wine opener review

OxGord Electric wine opener is the best alternate that you can get for corkscrews. The improvement in technology reduces human work. The best way to answer all broken corks depends on this electric wine opener.

Battery power drives this electric wine bottle opener. Just a button click helps you remove the cork. The electric wine opener that comes with fresh design also comes with a stand that contributes to showcase it.

About Seller

OxGord electric wine opener does what that claims to do. The brand gives you a better quality product which makes a beautiful cut of foil around and extracts the precise result of unbroken cork. Electrical devices are always cool when comes to automation.

Especially when it comes to making the work easier, it is an excellent and straightforward invention that reduces your effort. This seller makes it retail to reach more customers out there and stand as one of the finest electrical tool rated by the consumers.

Product Description

This one-touch button controlled electric wine opener has a slender design that fits the bottle so well. This tool is a battery driven product that extracts the corks effortlessly. It is a lightweight, convenient, sleek and slim designed device that is portable especially helps you when you’re on a picnic. This product can guarantee 100% on your purchase.

This item weighs about 15 ounces and 11.1 x 4.5 x 3.7 inches in dimensions. The general problem that users face is that it may take few more trials if you don’t fix it correctly. This opener needs a few patience, but that doesn’t seem to affect your enjoyment. So reduce your effort even if it takes time, you can very well trust on the perfection.


  • Opens with single button touch
  • No broken corks
  • Foil cutter available
  • Sits perfectly over the bottle
  • No human pressure involved
buy at amazon
Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by hicoup

This winged corkscrew is again an easy wine bottle opener by HiCoup. It is not an electrical or automatic tool but still stands unique by its appearance and mechanism. The name explains its model that it is a winged corkscrew that is fixed or moved apart very quickly. This wine opener involves natural enclosure of top placed corkscrew that removes the cork so fast when you press the wings.

The unique design which the handle has will deal with little screwing of cork even if it is a hard one with very less effort. This screwing methodology seems to be the coolest advantage of this product.

About seller

The bottle opener by HiCoup has already listed in top wine bottle opener list. Being one of the favorite brands this product stands out in the market. The appearance and the quality define the brand or seller so well.

Such an attractive product will always make the wine consumers crazy. This opener is one of the best gifts that you can give to the wine lovers.

Product Description

Comfort comes with the correct tool you use for opening the wine bottle. This cool bottle opener comes with a collar that sits well on the top of the bottle. This bottle opener has two wings which are dominant in style and comfortable to pull out the cork. This wine opener has two-inch wide turning knob that effortlessly helps to twist the corkscrew into the cork.

The bottom collar prevents the corkscrew from traveling too far into the cork and breaking it. This corkscrew replaces the manual insertion of regular corkscrew with a small mechanism that reduces the risk and tension on the cork as well as the bottle. This wine opener is one of the perfect products to be considered.


  • Comfortable designed handle
  • No matter if you have weak hands or poor grip. It still works.
  • Long body with bottom collar
  • Designed with polished helix
buy at amazon


The wine opener may be the 2nd most critical accessory for the wine lover. For wine lovers, the proper lever bottle opener is essential to the total enjoyment of the bottle of wine. More than the interest the comfort ness is the important factor to be noticed for a bottle opener. Wine openers especially which fill the waiter’s pocket also help with consumer’s enthusiasm in tasting the expensive wine.

As we said before, the information provided here are mainly based on user experience. Most of the users have rated these openers as best that come in excellent quality and are durable. Don’t worry we have reduced your work by selecting the wine openers from thousands of products. So all you need to do is just choose any suitable wine openers from our list.

All these four wine openers are best in their respective categories. Don’t worry and don’t wait. Choose the product that suits you well and fill your glass and your soul with wine.

Keep visiting thewineitems.com and happy shopping!!

Best Wine Opener
  • Waiter's Corkscrew by HiCoup
  • Rabbit Original Lever Corkscrew
  • OxGord Electric Wine Opener
  • Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup


Please do remember, all the openers are not the same. The top pics are here. We provided you with all the information we knew after all the research that we did. It's your turn now. Whatever the event may be; parties, birthdays, wedding everything ends up with a drink. So, why do you have to wait? It's time to open up your drink.

#Shop - #Open - #Drink 😉

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