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The 5 Best Wine Stopper in 2018 :- What You Should Get?

The 5 Best Wine Stopper in 2018 :- what you should get?

Of course, that cork won’t go back. Stop trying.

There’s an invention called Wine Stopper, which is your wine’s knight in the shining armor. Among other wine accessories, wine stoppers are the most useful and productive ones.

You can use this accessory to close the bottle with leftover wine before keeping it in the fridge. Available in varying sizes, shapes, and materials, the wine stoppers are of three types-


  • Cork wine stopper
  • Plastic wine stopper
  • Rubber wine stopper

Depending on the type, the look and feel of the stoppers vary greatly. Especially from the top, there are different materials like plastic, wood.

Besides, there are even precious or semi-precious metals and other crystals used for making the top. The bottom part comprises of the typical materials like cork, rubber, and plastic.

The design of the latest types of wine stoppers makes expansion easier once fastened. This ensures a tighter seal compared to the conventional stoppers.

Some high-end stoppers available also vacuum-seal the bottle from the top. They come with a kind of hand pump, using which you can remove the oxygen from the bottle. This preserves the wine from getting oxidized and hence, extends its life dramatically.

The Best Wine Stopper Product Comparison Table

Product Image

Product Name


Product Weight


Link to buy

OHYOHO Wine Stoppers

2.4 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches

1.6 ounces

Rabbit (W6121) Wine Stoppers

3.5 x 4 x 1 inches

1.6 ounces

OXO SteeL Wine Stoppers

1.6 x 2.3 x 4.8 inches

2.24 ounces

OXO Steel Wine Stopper Stainless Steel

1.5 x 1.5 x 3.5 inches

2.4 ounces

Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper

4 x 1.6 x 1 inches

3.84 ounces

Why buy one?

When it comes to wine, we never compromise on getting the perfect accessories for it. Be it the right kind of wine glasses, or extravagantly gaudy decanters.

And why not?

If we’re doing it, let’s do it properly or not at all. However, somewhat surprisingly, people don’t care for a wine stopper for your wine. Just because the size of wine glasses is growing high, it doesn’t mean you have to feel compelled to finish it in one go.

You can do all right with savoring a glass or two and then saving the splendid elixir for later. But how do you do that?

How do you prevent your expensive drink from getting worse because of oxidation?

his point is where wine stoppers come into the picture. Having a wine stopper at your disposal can be life-saving for your leftover wine.

It doesn’t just keep your wine isolated from atmospheric oxygen, but also helps in keeping it fresh for days from the moment you used the wine stopper.

Now there are a host of wine stoppers out there in the market, which is not half as useful as they are a show-piece.

So you have to beware while purchasing one. If you’re looking for reasons to buy a wine stopper, then here are some  you might want to consider:


Wine stoppers are cheap. You can easily find a good one at around $10 on Amazon.

Among other expensive wine accessories, wine stoppers stand out by being affordable and more productive than others. Compared to how much it would be saving for you, its price is not even worth a penny.

Style Statement

Wine stoppers are available in a lot of fancy styles and elegant designs. When you have such a stylish accessory on the table, it does justice to the aesthetics of the overall ambiance.

It works

Everything boils down to its utility and wine stoppers do their job. They stop your wine from becoming oxidized and spoilt.

There’s nothing like extending the fun to more than just a day and wine stoppers do exactly that. A wine bottle closed with a wine stopper after opening it, can last up to a week without tasting bad.


Owing to it being a style statement, you can also gift wine stoppers to your friends on their birthdays or anniversaries. Anything associated with wine sells and so a wine stopper would make quite a memorable gift.

Types of wine stoppers

Natural Cork

These types of cork is the most widely used natural cork. It compresses as you place it into the neck of the bottle and expands after entering.

A natural cork keeps it sealed although a small amount of air enters through this, in turn, helps in aging the wine.

Screw Cap

It is a normal bottle screw cap made of metal or plastic. It is effective than natural cork in keeping the oxygen out.

Synthetic Cork

Synthetic corks are usually made of petroleum-based plastic or sugar cane.


Vinolok is a highly expensive glass sealer which comes with a hook to pull it out.

Vacuum Preservation Stoppers

These stoppers siphon out the oxygen that gets contained in the bottle once you open it.

Vacuum stoppers have a rubber stopper that fits within the neck of the bottle. It has a pump that sucks out the air that has entered the bottle upon opening it. This pump could be either electric or a mechanical one.

Once all the oxygen vanquishes, the rubber stopper seals the bottle. Then, keeps the flavors of the wine fresh and intact for up to a week.

Inert Gas Preservation Stoppers

Inert Gas Preservation Stoppers replaces the air that accumulates after opening the bottle with an inert gas. The gas used is mostly argon but sometimes nitrogen is in use. These stoppers guarantee to extend the wine’s life for at least a week.

Wine Access Systems

What a wine access system does is, it uses special techniques to allow the wine to pour from the bottle without extracting the cork. This is what differentiates a wine access system from a conventional wine stopper.

It doesn't let the atmospheric oxygen to come in contact with the wine at all. Thus, it keeps the organoleptic properties of the beverage intact for ages. This way you can preserve an opened bottle even for months after opening it.

Cork Replacement Stoppers

These are amongst the simplest and most affordable stoppers available. The way these stoppers work is very similar to a regular cork or screw cap.

Cork replacement stoppers, as the name suggests, they replace the original cork once after removal.

The rubber part of the stopper seals the neck of the bottle and prevents the wine from leaking out.

However, it doesn’t keep the oxygen away from the wine and this could affect its taste after a couple of days. However, they are decorative manufactured and come in a variety of attractive shapes and sizes.

Types of cork replacement stoppers are

Pourer stoppers

Pourer stoppers are plastic or metal stoppers that allow you to pour the wine out through a spout.

Cork stoppers

Made out of the bark of the oak tree, these stoppers simply replace the original stopper.

They help keep the flavor and aroma of the beverage intact for much longer time spans compared to the other types of stoppers.

Steel stoppers

These are the fancy cone-shaped stoppers that you see in stores. The rubber bands that they provide with seal the wine. They are only suitable for storing the wine for a few days and they can’t preserve its taste or aroma.

Glass stoppers

Like the steel stoppers, these ones are also decorative and extremely fancy. However, that is all they are, eye-catching! They do not offer any other benefits apart from beauty.

Silicone stoppers

Silicone stoppers are made from food grade silicone and are probably the best stoppers to prolong the taste of your wine for a longer duration.

These are significantly more convenient and seal the bottle with greater precision. They are also durable and easy to maintain.

Consequences of buying the wrong wine stopper

We’ve seen so far that keeping oxygen out of the way is all that matters if you wish to preserve the authentic aromas and flavors of the wine after opening it. So choosing the right kind of wine stopper is important.

The perfect wine stopper is one that fits into the neck of the wine bottle and hermetically seals it.

Some wine stoppers only fit into a specially-designed bottleneck. This increases the cost. Also sometimes sulfides add a strong stench to the wine in the absence of oxygen.

Some corks need a corkscrew which could break it and add a cardboard-like smell to the wine.

Inert gas stoppers can also ruin your wine if you don’t know to use them properly.

Ultimately, even the best wine stoppers can only preserve an open wine bottle for a week or so.

The type of wine stopper that you select may vary on your personal taste or your budget range. Although inexpensive, some claim that plastic wine stoppers impart a chemical like taste to the wine.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Wine Stoppers


There are many things you can do to extend the life of your wine after opening it. For example, you can go for a half bottle. Gently decant your wine into a clean, empty 375ml wine bottle.

Alternatively, you can go for a Winesave which uses inert gases to protect your wine.

This is anyway quite expensive. There are many other options like floating lid or even replacing the original metal seal. However, let us know that wine stoppers beat them out of waters in terms of usability and affordability.

Not Invincible

Before you build a bit of extra anticipation about a wine stopper, you should know some. 

It isolates the wine from external air and creates a vacuum within the bottle. You shouldn’t store the opened wine for more than a week and expect a miracle.

Cork works best

There are many types of cork wine stoppers available for a reason. It’s that they sell. Over its plastic and metal counterparts, cork wine stoppers do wonders in preventing the wine go bad.

Final Words

Wine stoppers are one of the most useful wine accessories you can get for yourself. Savoring your wine feels good but if you can do that the next day and the day after that, with the same bottle of wine, its cloud nine for you.

List of 5 Best wine stoppers

Wine stoppers are best friends to wine bottles. A cork tightens a wine bottle. This cork placed cannot be leak-proof, wine slips out on the side while pouring after it has opened.

In some instances, the cork gets disintegrated. Thus, the advent of wine stoppers for bottles.

The perfect wine stopper must be strongly-built, leak-proof, lightweight and affordable. Some wine stoppers though belong to the category of being efficient, yet they are costly.

Others may be affordable but are not motivating in their working. Further, we will check out some best wine stoppers available in the market based on the above criteria.

OHYOHO Wine Stoppers

The product comes in a pack of five reusable wine stoppers. A thick silicone coating covers the stoppers. It is pretty easy to use and made to fit bottles of all sizes.

It can keep your wine fresh, and it is also easy to maintain being washable and dishwasher safe. 

However, this product is not entirely made of silicon. It has a metallic part of which is both a positive and negative point.


  • ​Balanced because of the metal inside.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for Kitchen and home use


  • May pop out with a chilled bottle
  • The metallic part on the top may wear off after an extended use

Final Verdict

The product is suitable for those are looking for a good wine stopper for their kitchen and personal use.

Since the product is a silicone covering on a metallic cone, gaps and molds can form in them.

The product is quality checked, and the quantity is also right considering the price tag of 6.99 $. Because it comes in a set of five good quality pieces, you need not worry if have the habit of losing wine stoppers.

buy at amazon
2. Rabbit (W6121) Wine and Beverage Bottle Stoppers

They come in a pack of four colorful wine stoppers. They pretty much have a rubberized coating on a non-rustable metal piece.

The design of the stopper gives an extra grip thereby sealing the bottle airtight. 

This keeps the wine fresh.

They are somewhat easy to insert and remove as they come off with a twist and pull. Although they are rubbery they do a decent job in preserving the quality of wine and avoiding spills.


  • Heavy because of the metal inside.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Additional Grip
  • Multi-colored


  • Rubbery material design
  • The metallic part on the top may wear off after a long use
  • Additional Grip May pop out with a chilled bottle

Final Verdict

The product is easy to use and cute looking. They do a great job preserving wine for the most part, but the rubber build may be a let-down.

The quick fix and easy removal works well with most wine bottles, but may not be that good for beer bottles.

But, on the final note, if you don’t mind the small drawbacks it may have, it is a great option for the price tag of 7.99 $.

They are easy-maintenance. You can use this on a particular bottle as long as you want. You will not find any weird smell even after you wash it. It has a compact size so that it won't stick out on the top too much either. 

buy at amazon
OXO SteeL  Wine Stoppers

This is a fine-looking wine stopper with a good quality build and compact size.

As for the top, it comprises of stainless steel. Besides, the bottom is a silicone stopper which contracts on removal. 

The stopper itself is very low- profile and hence, won’t take much space on the top.

Unlike a standard cork, this one has a removable top which makes removing the stopper much easier. The product comes well boxed and a great gifting option for wine lovers.


  • Well Finished with stainless steel
  • Easy to unscrew
  • Contracting Silicone Stopper
  • Nicely packed, ideal for gifting


  • Only comes in a pack of two and a bit pricey.

The product is good looking and compact no doubt, but the performance is not bad either.

The silicone stopper does a good job stopping wine and preventing leaks. This applies even if you turn the bottle upside down. The auto contacting silicone part keeps the wine fresh for a long time.

This ensures that your wine stays bubbly when you open it again. The price is little high, being 14.99 $ for a set of two, but the product is indeed useful and low profile.

The quality of construction should last you a long time. Unlike regular corks, these are much easier to remove. You can place or remove it without breaking a sweat. It is an excellent product for wine and prosecco bottles.

buy at amazon
Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper

An original present, you can gift it to any wine lover who loves to relish the taste of the drink for quite a long time.

This is an ideal gift for them. Made from zinc alloy metal, you can use these to fit all types of bottles.

They will create an airtight stop. This further guarantees the taste of the drink to remain a while longer. 

This stopper works fine with wine and beverage bottles as well. This wine stopper is not ordinary; you can personalize it. You can engrave the initial letter of the person using it and is an example of the monogrammed stopper.

Matched with a gold matte finish, it creates a connection between the wine bottle stopper and the user. This relishes the gift. The product dimension is 11cm * 5cm and will weigh around 0.15lb. 


  • Made of zinc alloy and silicone
  • The product can be personalized according to personal needs
  • Works well with all types of bottles
  • The silicone base and the rubber at base protects the drink from air contact.
  • Lightweight stopper


  • Costs a fortune
  • The finish can wash out soon.
  • All letters are not available.

Final Verdict

The Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper has its pros and cons, but its advantages weigh down the cons.

Sporting a rose gold finish, the stopper can become a style statement for the user. The matte look has a traditional appeal. This attracts the likes of the heritage loving people.

The stopper is leak proof, and its construction is solid. The stopper is also lightweight, weighing only 0.15 lbs. You can use the stopper as a hostess gift.

Of course, it will impress them as this is a unique gifting idea. You can choose blindly choose this as a present for your loved ones.

buy at amazon
OXO Steel Wine Stopper, Stainless Steel

This product combines sophistication with comfort. The OXO Steel Wine Stopper and Pourer is the perfect gift for a wine lover as well as the everyday mom. It has several uses, you can guess it just by its name.

Yes, it acts both as a Wine stopper as well as a pourer. The brushed steel tool from the house of OXO ensures the even flow of wine. 

Not just that, olive oil, vinegar or other bottled liquids as well. Use this for drip-free pouring and drizzling. It is perfect for sealing bottles containing liquids for a shorter period.

Drip-free pouring guarantees proper pouring. The liquid you pour will settle in a place rather than spill all over.

Flexible rigs are present to make the insertion and removal from bottles easier. The Wine Stopper and Pourer support all kinds of bottles, all sizes, and dimensions.

The even flow of the liquid is not compromised. A soft, comfortable lever is present. It either seals or removes the pourer from any bottle. Being a pourer, the design of the product is brilliant.

To be specific, the steel metal present does not react with the liquid, ensuring real taste and quality. The product is 4” high and weighs around 2 lbs.


  • Dual Function- Acts as a wine stopper as well as a pourer.
  • Fits all cork-stopped wine bottles.
  • Comfortable, soft lever.
  • Stainless steel and durable construction.
  • Allows even, distributed wine flow.
  • Weight is very light around 2 lb.


  • Stopping dripping might be a bit tough.
  • The lever jams sometimes.

Final Verdict

Keeping the pros and cons in mind, the OXO product is a revolution in itself. It should be a proper choice for anyone looking to use the wine stopper to other applications. It fits the bill perfectly.

buy at amazon

Pricing and requirements

The good ones have prices around 5 $ and can go on higher based on the material used.

The best option is to buy a pack of them, not too many though. A pack of four or five will cost you around 10 $. People usually buy in packs because wine stoppers are little things and they get lost.

So, it is good to keep a backup.

Check the material before buying. If you want to seal carbonated water or prosecco, a silicone wine stopper is most effective.


The first and foremost tip is to make sure that the website is secure before binging on e-commerce sites.

For the most part, sites like Amazon provide shipping options to different countries.

Other than that, if you have a VISA card, you are set to go. If you are buying through any other sites, make sure your bank supports that particular method of payment.

Also, ensure that you know how the sale and delivery process works before buying. There are a lot of fake websites out there are you don’t want to be tricked into one.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Wine Stoppers

A wine stopper is a small thing, but significant enough to determine how great the experience is.

There are a bunch of great Wine Stoppers you can buy. What you should take care is that it is capable enough to keep your wine bubbly even after a long time.

It is also easy to maintain. Here are some frequently asked questions one may ask while buying a wine stopper.

Will Stoppers fit all bottles?

Yes, the design of most wine stoppers usually fit all wine bottles and prosecco bottles.

However, some may not be good for beer bottles as their general structure doesn’t suit them entirely. Also, a good stopper may also pop when chilled, if it is multi-bottle compatible. So, a correctly sized wine stopper is not a wrong choice.

How to maintain them?

People often ask if a wine stopper is hard to clean. It is the opposite; you can buy dishwasher friendly wine stoppers.

You can buy it at a very affordable price. They usually have a rubber or silicone covering that can handle some rough washing.

If not, just wash them with warm soapy water and then wipe them off. Completely dry. People prefer wine stoppers made from these materials because they don’t give any odor if washed once. However, you have to be careful with the metal parts inside these as they may wear off after a while.

How well does a stopper seal?

If you are wondering these wine stoppers will be able to hold its place; especially, when you keep the wine bottle sideways, the answer is yes. The design makes it a good wine stopper. 

For the same, it should be able to hold your wine and prevent any leaks. Prefer checking the fitting well before you keep it in the fridge. After all, a messy refrigerator is one of the hardest things to clean.

How hard are they to remove from bottles?

Based on the descriptions, you can buy an easy to use wine stopper for a reasonable price. In general, they are not hard to remove at all. 

You have to twist and pull, and they come right off. It is only in rare cases, or if you bought some purely rubberized stoppers, you would break a sweat trying to remove it.

Are they made from Non-toxic materials? How to know if they are?

You can go for it if it's made from silicone. They keep wine fresh for a long time, and you can use it in most wine stoppers. 

Rubber wine stoppers are not necessarily wrong, there are some excellent ones out there too. However, make sure that if you are buying any other material, the brand is trustable.

Can wine stoppers be used for champagne bottles?

Not really. In most cases, they pop right off when chilled or even in normal conditions. For Champagne bottles, use a champagne stopper as they hold firmly to the neck for additional grip.

Can a wine stopper be used on a full bottle?

Physically, yes but it is not recommended. For best results, you can use it with around half a bottle to be safe. This way, wine tastes fresh and taste like they should.

Does Chilling the bottle end up popping them out?

It is possible, but if you want to avoid that, you can go for OXO series of stainless steel wine stoppers.

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