Different Kinds Of Wine Coolers and What Type You Should Get?

When it comes to storing your wines, the best choice is to go with a wine refrigerator or wine cooler. You can choose between under counter wine coolers or freestanding ones, but the important aspect is, of course, the quality it offers as a wine cooler.

Wine coolers are an excellent choice if you wish to assist in enhancing the flavor of your wine while also increasing its longevity.

There are several wine coolers out there, and they vary just as much as the different types of wines, and that's the reason why it is important for you to know the difference between each for you to make an informed decision as to what type of wine refrigerator to choose.

Types of wine coolers

Freestanding or Built-In Wine Coolers​

Freestanding Refrigerators – When you say freestanding it means that you can place this type of wine cooler anywhere you wish except in an enclosed space such as a cabinet. These are not under counter wine coolers as freestanding refrigerators usually vent heat from the back and placing them in a tightly confined space is a good way to cause them to overheat. Freestanding are also entirely designed in every angle; this is to ensure that they will look stylish and good even if they are in full view.

If you must place them in an enclosed space, the best you can do to prevent overheating is to have 4 inches of open space behind and on both sides to give adequate breathing room for the heat to dissipate adequately. Built-In Coolers are developed in such a way that you can individually install as under counter wine coolers.

It achieves this by having a slight variation when it comes to its heat ventilation. Instead of placing the vent in the back as is standard, a built-in cooler has it on the front. This allows for built-in refrigerators to be placed in tightly enclosed areas. As long as the front vent has no obstructions, it will be able to dissipate heat cleanly.

The Difference between Dual and Single Zone Wine Coolers

This tow is pretty easy to differentiate from one another. A single zone wine cooler only features one temperature zone that can be controlled by a single adjustable thermostat. Single zone wine coolers are small standard refrigerators.

The dual zone wine coolers, on the other hand, have two separate temperature zones. Each of these zones has their independent thermostat. A dual zone wine cooler is ideal for those who have a variety of wines in their collection that requires different ideal temperatures when storing.

If you only have one type of wine, then a single zone wine cooler is enough.

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Choosing between Thermoelectric and Compressor-Based Cooling System

Choosing between the two types of cooling system will fall on the environment you will place them in. A thermoelectric cooling unit is more compact than the bulkier compressor wine coolers. They are also quieter, offers fewer vibrations and are more energy efficient. Anyhow, they do fall short when it comes to cooling capacity. When it comes to cooling, they will have a harder time if they are installed in a large storage compartment. Essentially, they do not have the muscle that the compressor cooling system has.

This is the reason why smaller and more compact coolers opt to use this system as it will be able to perform better on a smaller scale. The compressor wine coolers, on the other hand, are built for durability and power.

They can withstand higher ambient temperatures without overheating and will have a larger storage capacity as well. It will mostly have no problem maintaining storage temperature whatever the ambient temperature may be. Now that you have armed yourself with knowledge concerning the various wine coolers you are now almost ready to choose which wine cooler to choose, whether it be a freestanding or under-counter wine cooler.

Of course, we are here to give you further more detail about the products for you to make a full decision. Check our reviews of wine coolers from favorite brands and find out which is best suited for your room and wine collection.

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