Does Champagne Go Bad? How Long Does Champagne Last?

Champagne is a common way of celebration among the teenagers and adults. Whether a birthday or an office promotion, opening of a champagne bottle is a common practice in the metropolitan cities.  

At times, one is not sure whether the bottle bought is still good or it has gone bad over the time. At times, after the party, the leftover is stored in the refrigerator to be enjoyed later. Before it is consumed and enjoyed, many days will pass.

Thus, it is a general dilemma whether champagne goes bad or not?  Storing the champagne for ages, considering it to be wine,  does not make champagne taste better.

As it is not like all other wines. It is different from other categories of wine. Thus, it is prone to go bad over time.

Before, knowing how and why it goes bad, let's see why a category of wine is called champagne or what is champagne.

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Champagne: The Wine

Champagne is a kind of alcoholic wine that is produced especially in the Champagne region. The Champagne region of France, have especially grown grapes under the rules of the appellation.

These grapes, go through the process of secondary fermentation and produce sparkling water. Legally, in Europe, this carbonated water from the region of champagne is a “champagne.”

However, sometimes or in some regions of the world,  the term ‘champagne’ is a generic term for the wine.

Now, let us learn, whether the champagne goes bad or not? What are the conditions that make the champagne bad? And, how to know when it has gone bad?

Does Champagne go BAD?

Whether a bottle of champagne go bad or not before opening and after opening depends on various factors, such as from which grapes it is produced from, how and where it is store before an opportunity, and how after opening, the bottle is resealed.

Champagne as Wine 

In this regard, the general consideration is that champagne as wine or a category of wine, is supposed to go bad, once it gets open.

This is because, at times it is not bottled correctly or stored, in such instances acetic acid bacteria become active and turns the wine into acetic acid and acetaldehyde.

This gives, the sharp vinegar-like smell from the wine, which is a sign of drink getting bad. However, it still not considered bad for health.

The general consideration, thus, in this regard is that fortified wines are good till a month while table wines are good for only three to five days.

Vintage and Non

Vintage Wine: The vintage champagne is the one which is produced from the grapes of only one year’s harvest. It is generally considered as of better quality.

Thus, if not been opened it can stay perfect for five to ten years from the manufacturing.

However, if the wine is Non-Vintage, that is, produced from the grapes grown years before, then such champagne can stay fresh for three to four years, if not opened.

Champagne storage 

Does champagne go bad or not, also depends on how it is bottled and stored. If the bottle of champagne is not stored in a dry and cool place and is placed in the direct contact of the sun than there are chances of sparkling water, going bad.

Also, if the storage place has a fluctuating temperature, it can make champagne go bad. Because in such environment condition cork of the bottle gets weak, which loosen up the seal of the bottle.

Another reason for its spoiling can be the placing it in the rack for an extended period, without laying it on its side, this makes cork deteriorate fast.

As in the dry cork, holes start developing this lets air pass through the drink, which makes it lose its taste and color over the period. This makes the champagne go bad.

Sealing the champagne after opening 

after opening the champagne bottle, to drink with the friends and family or to celebrate, it needs to be bottled back properly, to keep it good.

If the bottle is not properly corked up or sealed with a sealer, it’s carbonation make get lose, and the champagne can go bad.

Thus, the consensus on does champagne go bad or not, is, it might go bad. Champagnes do come with a shelf life of few years.

After opening, the champagne bottles are subject to bacterial activation that can make it go bad quickly. Now, let us see how to determine whether the champagne has gone bad or not?

How to Determine whether champagne has gone bad?

Whether champagne has gone bad or not can be readily be determined through its color, smell, and taste. If the champagne would have turned bad, its color, smell, and taste will change. Let us see how

Champagne Colour: The actual color of the fresh champagne, good to drink, is yellowish-orange. However, Sometimes the champagne color changes to something dark and pale.

This might be because the champagne has gone oxidized and it has begun to go bad. This should be, thus, taken as a sign of champagne getting spoiled.

Champagne Smell: if the bottle of champagne upon opening smells like vinegar or something that has got rotten than it is not good for drinking.

This champagne is bad for health. Better to avoid drinking such champagne during the celebration as it can spoil the mood.

Champagne taste: The flat or a sour taste of the drink is also the warning sign of champagne getting out of date.

Thus, before consuming, if the bottle shows no signs of bubbles that a carbonated drink showcase, then the drink is bad to consume.

How to save champagne from going Bad?

Storing the champagne bottle properly can keep the champagne excellent and safe from going bad.

The basic rule of storing the champagne bottle is racking it in a cool and dry place, with a properly maintained temperature. 

Also, endure, the storage place is free from the moist and humid environment. Direct sun contact can harm the drink, so place the bottle away from windows and room with direct sunlight. Therefore, the best place to keep these celebration bottles is the wine cellars and liquor cabinets.

The excellent temperature for storing them is 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degree Celsius. The lower temperature is always good for storing the drinks of this kind.

How to place the champagne bottle on the racks? It is still advisable to keep the bottle with the cork pointing out. This will keep the bottle and drink fresh for days, months and years.

While resealing the champagne bottle, make sure the cork or the seal is tight enough. If the bottle is not sealed well with a sealer or a cork, oxidation can take place, which will make drink bad in taste.

 while storing the bottles in the storage, if the facts mentioned above are considered than the champagne will remain useful for years.

The maximum shelf life of a champagne bottle is 20 years, all it depends on how it is kept and stored.


There is nothing like celebrating an occasion with a right color and tasting champagne. But, not always the bottle can be bought a few minutes before the celebration, keeping it fresh. The bottle is purchased and stored ahead of the time. Thus it is necessary to keep it right to taste it good.

Though being wine, Champagne does not get better with age, its ingredient and storage can make it expire and bad for consumption over a period.

As it gets bad over the time, the champagne can begin to lose it color and flavor. Although consuming a bad champagne does not have the ill health effect, it certainly gives a sick feeling.

In a few instances, it can turn into vinegar with the actions of the bacteria but still, it can never turn into a poisonous drink.

To keep the champagne fresh and good, Store it right!!! As storing right can make the champagne bottle last good, for a few more hours and days, if opened and for years, if not opened.

Thus, all that is necessary to enjoy the party with the tasteful champagne is to keep it horizontally in the right cooling condition whether opened or not.

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