Wine Coolers Tips To Keep Those Bottles Perfect For A Long Long Time!

If you are a wine lover, over time you will grow your collection and soon enough will realize that you also need to store them correctly if you want to enjoy them for a long time. To help you select the best wine cooler you can read below for my complete wine cooler reviews.

Other then the fact that wine fridge looks fresh and modern in the house before you decide to get them you should know if it’s something that you need or you can survive without it.

Wine Coolers – Everything To Know!

Do you need a wine cooler?

do you need a wine cooler

Do you have a lot of bottles lying around in your house? Anywhere from above 15 bottles? Do you live in a warm or hot area?

If you answered yes to all three questions above then yes you need a wine cooler. The reasons are simple for it.
When you have a lot of bottles lying around in your house, it can become tough to keep track of them and even more desperate to keep them together and in proper condition so that you don’t ruin the taste of wine.

This is where wine coolers help; you can collect and stack your wines in one place at all times without worrying about broken bottles or ruining them.

Even if you plan on buying a few bottles just to age, a proper storage place such as a fridge is necessary for not ruining them. This is even more necessary if you live in an area where the temperatures change a lot.

Benefits of a wine fridge

In case you didn’t know wine is fragile in the sense that a lot of natural things affect them. Things like sunlight, temperature, and humidity can negatively impact them. This is why it is essential that we maintain in an ideal place with stable temperature and light.

A good wine fridge can do this very well for you. A well-made cooler maintains the correct temperature at all times and stops bright light and heat from affecting the bottle.

What To Look For When Buying A Cooler

What To Look For When Buying A Cooler​​

Just buying a wine cooler from its appearance and wine storage size is the most common mistake that most buyers make. There are a few more things to consider when buying a cooler. We discuss these issues in our wine cooler reviews too below.

Now let’s discuss a number of the items that you just need to confine mind if you intend on shopping for a cooler for the future.

Reliability:- It is far more noticed that a lot of dual zone coolers tend to break down much faster because of there quality. Before you decide to pull the trigger, look into its warranty and check what kind of coverage is provided and for how long.

Temperature Control:- Mostly all coolers come equipped with temperature control, but you should also check for how many temperature options does it have.

Humidity Management:- If you plan on storing your wines for a long time, then this will be necessary for you. Keep the humidity levels above 50% but below 70% to make sure that your particular bottles last a long time.

Storage Racks:- With the variety available in the market it is essential to know which kind of rack will you be getting. Some come with wooden racks whereas others come with stainless steel rack. They don’t affect the quality, but they are more so about aesthetics and personal preference.

Noise:- This is vital because if you don’t live in a big house, you will need a cooler that does not make noise or else you will not be able to sleep. Whereas if you have some space in your house in some corner where you know it won’t affect you, then it won’t be a big issue for you.

Size:- If you think you only need to buy a cooler according to the number of bottles you want to store then sorry to tell you but you are profoundly wrong.

 A lot of buyers make this mistake of getting a cooler that fits their current amount of bottles but what about in the future when you will keep buying bottles, and you won’t have a place to store them? This is some future thinking that you will have to do before you decide to get a wine cooler.

These are some of the leading highlights that you must entirely keep in mind and decide on before you select the best wine cooler for you.

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Two Types of Wine Coolers

two types of wine coolers

Mainly there are more types which are more about how they manage to cool such as thermoelectric and compressor, but since you are buying for your house, you don’t need to know about them.

What you do need to know about is two types of wine coolers structure that will affect the way wine is stored. 

The two types are single zone wine coolers and dual zone wine coolers.

How To Select The Best Single Zone Wine Fridge And If You Need It.

A single zone cooler is just one compartment as the name suggests. It is one compartment from top to bottom maintaining one temperature and cooling the bottles at the same level throughout the entire unit.

It is designed to keep bottles separate on its racks, so it doesn’t overlap and interrupt other bottles from cooling. In modern fridges, you can get either type of cooling mechanism with them since it is the only thing that is running and maintaining the temperature.

Why get a single zone fridge?

A single zone cooler is perfect for those who are just starting there collection and have only type of wine (red or white) that they want to store.

Since you can only maintain one temperature inside the fridge, it is ideal that you store just one type of wine.

It also has one temperature control which means less hassle for those who don’t want to mess around too much with controls and just want to set it up and forget about it.

It is also cheaper than the dual zone because of its limit on the temperature control. Since you won’t be storing multiple types of wine in it, they can be perfect for those who just love a kind of wine and save that.

How To Select The Best Dual Zone Wine Fridge And If You Need It.

Dual zone is the exact opposite of a single area. It is two compartments so you can store both types of wine in them at the same time.

The two separate compartments are usually divided into horizontal sections, and because they are two different compartments, they can also run two distinct temperatures keeping two different kinds of wines fresh at the same time.

Most new dual zone fridges come with compressor cooling which can easily be regulated by buttons mostly at the front of the cooler.

Why get a dual zone fridge?

Just like single zone, there are some reasons why dual zone is perfect for some and not for others. For starters, if you plan on storing both types of wine in one place then it is the ideal choice for you.

You can also set the specific temperature to specific compartments quickly and maintain them for longevity without too many hassles.

If you compare both the type in the long run dual zone comes out cheaper because if you want you can also store just one kind in the entire fridge and change it up when you add other bottles. The single zone you will have to get another fridge altogether or empty the whole thing to be used for different bottles.

Remember that it is more costly than single zone and furthermore somewhat greater than it. So you have to keep that in mind before you decide whether or not you can budget it and fit it in your house correctly.

Now that it is clear on everything that you need to know about wine coolers it is time to move on to our wine cooler reviews.


This was our guide on selecting and buying the best wine cooler for your home that will fit your needs and budget perfectly. It is always a better idea to make a list of wines that you intend to store and make your purchase accordingly.

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